Chiz comes to CdD

Posted Date: 09/15/2015

Francis Joseph “CHIZ” Escudero -- A fine gentleman from the Senate of the Philippines came over Colegio de Dagupan last September 10, 2015 to meet with the Administration, faculty members and most especially the students for a compact student forum.

The man of the hour graced the occasion by answering the different questions the students posted on him.The questions were both serious and light --even his love life for that matter with actress partner Heart Evangelista – Escudero was put on spotlight which shuddered the crowd in delight.

The good senator wittingly responded to all of the queries. He also shed some light on several issues that the country is currently facing. Once asked of his stake on the Presidential or Vice Presidential bid, he told the crowd that he hasn’t decided on it yet and he still has until the last day of filing of candidacy to resolve the matter. The student forum culminated with endless selfies with the senator.