Telecommunication giant ties up with Colegio de Dagupan

Posted Date: 06/06/2010

SMART  Telecommunications, the country€™s giant in wireless Telecommunication ties up  with Colegio de Dagupan in a program dubbed as SWEEP (Smart Wireless Engineering Education Program).

  SWEEP is an implementing  program which aims to share SMART€™s technical expertise in the field of  wireless technology to the different colleges and universities in the  Philippines by way of providing technical training and hands-on experience on  various telecommunications equipment. Students taking up Engineering and  Information Technology will have an experience on an actual work environment.  With this kind of exposure, students will be able to apply the skills learned  within the four walls of the classroom thus making them much advance in their  crafts. SMART will donate to the school Personal Computers (PC), Sendfar customer  premise equipment (CPE), Sendfar   access point equipment, wireless routers, virtual private network (VPN)  routers, webcams , switches (all collectively referred to as the €œWireless  Broadband Equipment€), with networking and internet connections and others. SMART  will also train the school€™s teachers on Internetworking Fundamentals, Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP),  Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), 3G Systems, Module 1 (Residential €“ SMART  Bro Customer Premise Equipment or CPE Training), Module 2 (CPE Corporate &  Value Added Services), Installation and Configuration of Wireless Broadband  Equipment and etcetera.

In  connection to this, a formal memorandum of agreement signing ceremonies was  held at the SMART Tower II building in Makati last May 31, 2010. It was attended  by Colegio de Dagupan President Voltaire P. Arzadon, Executive Vice President  Loreta C. Arzadon, Engineering Dean Jose Magleo III, SMART Chief Wireless  Advisor ORLANDO B. VEA other SMART  Telecom Executives.