CdD CON belongs to upper 25 % of the top performing Nursing schools nationwide

Posted Date: 09/07/2010

Colegio de Dagupan College of Nursing, a trail blazing educational institution in the North has found once again its glare of publicity with the release of the July 2010 Nursing Licensure Exam results last August 25.

Among the 91,008 examinees, only 37,679 passed registering a 41.4 % National Passing percentage, and 47 passers of which came from CdD and earned a bewildering 63 % for the first time takers topping all nursing schools in the entire province

Colegio de Dagupan College of Nursing, an amateur in the Nursing Education has started to grab the spotlight since June 2007 and December 2007 Nursing Licensure Exam results when it bested all the Nursing schools in Pangasinan and the entire Region 1 with its first batch of nursing graduates.

With the recent rank, CdD joins the other 140 schools among 430 Nursing schools who garnered higher than the National Passing percentage.

And contributing to Colegio deDagupan€™s vast success is the list of new Registered Nurses. And they are asfollows:  

  1. ABELLA, Kathrin
  2. AMISCUA,  Jazier
  3. ANGELES, Jan Nadine
  4. ANTON, Mark Roger
  5. ARABEJO, Remalyn
  6. BARCENAS, Liza
  7. BARROGA, Christopher
  8. BARTOLOME, Divina Gracia
  9. BAYA, John Abrian
  10. CALPITO, Ma Tracy
  11. CARAMAT, Jill
  12. CARI‘O,Kurt Lester
  13. CARI‘O,Alex
  14. CARLOS, Venus
  15. CARRANZA, Israel Lemuel
  16. CASTRO, Vanessa
  17. DAYRIT, Joanne
  18. DE GUZMAN, Michael
  19. DE GUZMAN, Roxanne
  20. DE VERA, Roxanne May
  21. DE VERA, Daryl Mon
  22. DE VERA, Chin Pearl
  23. DELA CRUZ, Fatima Ivy
  24. DELA CRUZ, Angelica Mae
  25. ESCA‘O,Alfredo
  26. FERNANDEZ, Janette
  27. FERNANDEZ, Jeffrey
  28. FRIAS, Prince Lloyd
  29. GAMBOA, Karl Joseph
  30. GUICO, Roan Chester
  31. HENG, Melanie
  32. JIMENEZ, Sheina Roze
  33. MALAPIT, Arnold
  34. MANANGAN, Krissa
  35. MARIANO, Wendell Jan
  36. NATNAT, Jovan
  37. PAET, Sofia Mae
  38. PANTANILLA, Ma. Lourdes Irene
  39. PARRAS, Sheila Alyana
  40. PERALTA, Enelra
  41. QUE, Jecille
  42. REMOLADOR, Leilanie
  43. ROSARIO, Megan Blossom
  44. SALCEDO, Queen Pj
  45. SARMIENTO, Gladys
  46. UMIPIG, John Christian
  47. VILLANUEVA, Gina Lyn