CdD, 2000 Miles Singapore Placement Agency ink MOA

Posted Date: 02/27/2008
To continue sending its HRM students for international on-the-job training to Singapore, Colegio de Dagupan (CdD) recently inked last July 24 a memorandum of agreement (MOA) with 2000 Miles Placement Agency, Philippine counterpart of FSC Search Pte. Ltd. Singapore.

On the same day, the agency screened applicants and accepted 22 trainees who are expected to fly to Singapore between November and December, 2007.

For years now, CdD has been sending HRM students to undergo practicum in different restaurants, hotels and resorts in Singapore, six are currently undertaking their OJT now. This time, however, it has arranged for OJT benefits of its trainee students with 2000 Miles Placement Agency in a MOA that ensures them a 6-month training, $450 monthly allowance plus overtime/differential pay, free FSC dorm accommodation and a better chance for actual employment in the city-state. Also this year, its BSBA students have been accepted as well to undertake their practicum in many Singaporean financial and business firms.

Following is a list of successful applicants for OJT in Singapore:

 Currently in Singapore

   1. Leandro Sosa, BSHRM
   2. Cristine Cabanayan, BSHRM
   3. Winnie Valdez, BSHRM
   4. Jeneca Rumela Manaois, BSHRM
   5. Danilo Aquino, BSHRM
   6. Joffrey Vallao, BSBA Mgt.

Expected to Leave this year


   1. Rizelle Alexandria de Pedro
   2. Cleneta Era Bernardo
   3. Mary Ann Pilaspilas
   4. Jonalyn D. Ferrer
   5. Ronda De Guzman
   6. Joseph Michael Valdez
   7. Jerome I. Caporno
   8. Moses Roel Romero
   9. Gladys Manaois


   1. Joan Bulatao


   1. Michelle Ranges
   2. Kayce Anne Mejia
   3. Jehu Quinto
   4. Alvin John Celeste
   5. Altheo Dom Cancino
   6. Rogelio Bacungan
   7. Jessy Mae Ampler
   8. Lailanie Paulo
   9. Vanessa Castro
  10. Florenda Fronda


   1. Desa Itliong