Colegio de Dagupan alumna landed at the Top 20 in the 2010 Licensure Examination for Teachers

Posted Date: 09/15/2010

Enthused to produce remarkable teacher   educators who will hone and mold the skills and prowess of the students   of the new generation, Colegio de Dagupan is more than able to produce a   competent professional teacher in the person of Ms. Josephine Ferreras.

Ms.   Ferreras graduated Cum Laude in April 2009, and in the 2010 Licensure   Examination for Teachers, she outshone thousands of examinees and gave   pride to her Alma Mater when she earned a grade of 84.40% that landed   her a slot in the Top 20. This is just a point shy from the 10th   Placer’s rating of 85.60%. This is another testament that Colegio de   Dagupan is committed to develop students to be outstanding professionals   in their chosen field of specialization.

Ms. Josephine Ferreras   will now join Colegio de Dagupan’s growing circle of topnotchers.