Wheel of Glory leads to Colegio de Dagupan

Posted Date: 09/26/2010

The wheel of glory again turned to Colegio de Dagupan's direction when it registered a whopping 60% high passing percentage in the recent Electrical Engineering Licensure Examination. The national passing percentage for this year is only 38%. Results were released September 18, 2010. Colegio de Dagupan's passing percentage is the highest in the Region and the Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR) as well, thumping bigger and aged universities and colleges in the area.

This is Colegio de Dagupan's continuing saga of exemplary performance since the Institution was also last year's Engineering Examination Top Performing school in the Region and neighboring Regions when it recorded 100% passing percentage for first time takers and 67% overall performance. Colegio de Dagupan is also the Region's top producer of ECEs.


Congratulations to our new Electrical Engineers and Registered Master Electricians:

Engr. Marven S. Cerezo, EE, RME

Engr.  Alexis B. De Guzman, EE

Engr. Lester  B. De Guzman, EE, RME