Ms. Aileen Garcia joins circle of CdD Topnotchers

Posted Date: 12/10/2010

The licensure performance record of CdD in the latest Licensure Examination for Teachers(LET) held last September, 2010 has nothing but excellence written all over it. Board takers comprising this batch garnered passing rates of 80% in the elementary level and 40% in the secondary as against the national passing averages of 19. 58% and 25.86% in the elementary and secondary levels respectively. Underscoring this outstanding feat was Aileen Garcia‚‚ā¨‚ĄĘs achievement as she claimed 11th place with a rating of 83.20% or 0.20% shy of the 10th placer‚‚ā¨‚ĄĘs grade of 83.40%. Almost making it to the top 10 and missing it just by a hairline could certainly be unnerving and downright exasperating to say the least, going by Ms. Garcia‚‚ā¨‚ĄĘs experience. This however, should not in any way diminish the luster as a consequence of her accomplishment which, once again, affirms the institution‚‚ā¨‚ĄĘs commitment to quality education and producing globally competitive professionals.